Backendless API
This page discusses how to acquire the backendless API

Backendless Rest API

For the first step we will go to backendless to acquire our API key.
If you don't have an account with backendless, you can signup for free.
Once you've registered, and confirmed email, backendless will request that you create a new app.
You can give your application any name. I recommend choosing a blank app, since the frontend will be created using appgyver.
After you click create, you should see this dashboard.
Click on the database icon
Select Users
Select Rest Console
We can now select show full URL, and we can copy, paste, and save url in a txt document for later use. You should remove the path /data from your url, so that is looks similar to the URL below:
Alternatively, you can copy and paste your application ID, and rest API key into the above URL.
We now have everything we need from backendless. At this point, we can setup appgyver data configurator.
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